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Occupational First Aid Level 3
Occupational First Aid Level 3

Reviews from Students

Maureen – You made learning so fun! I feel very confident moving forward with instructing.  Thank you.

Reviews from Students

Lori – Your explanations were amazing and helped me learn the concepts.

Course Description

  • Becoming a Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructor has 5 steps.

    Step One:
    Skills Evaluation
    Can be done by an instructor trainer or teaching experience supervisor.
    Has to be done within 60 days of the course. * not part of this course or fee

    Step Two: 
    Fundamentals of Instruction held over two days
    *Candidates must arrive having already completed the online component within 30 days (which should take them around 8 hours)

    Step Three: 
    Discipline Specific Component held over two days

    Step Four: 
    Teaching Experience
    Can by done by an instructor trainer or teaching experience supervisor.
    *There is also an online component to this.

    Step Five




Approximately 30 hours plus Teaching Experience. 
8:15am to 4:30pm 


Valid for 3 years upon successful completion of course



Admission Requirements
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must hold a current Standard First Aid certificate
  • Candidates have 60 days once their skills evaluation is complete to begin the classroom component of step 2.


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